a rough outline, or to disclose partially

1 dancer; 45 minutes
Premiere dates: May 31, June 1 2014

a rough outline or to disclose partially is a 50 minute solo performance. Rigorous, minimalist, and laced with subtle humor, the piece proposes a fluid experience of the body as both aesthetic object and empathetic subject. The work further considers questions of perception. How do we watch, and how can a situation cultivate a certain type of looking? What are the connections between the experience of a performer and the image she creates?

My research for the work began with stillness. I invented a series of sculptural shapes, and then held each one for as long as I could. Over time, my perspective on the task changed. What began as a formal exercise gradually became a human experience of effort and endurance. The finished work now consists of a series of physical tasks, each of which is gradually deformed by fatigue. This disintegration allows moments of vulnerability, humor and absurdity to surface.

The performance’s slow pace offers the time and space for shifts of attention to occur. The audience has time to see the formal design of the body in space, but also to notice subtle vibrations of muscular effort. Throughout this process, there is an evolving tension between observing an objective task, and engaging with a human situation.

On a more practical note, the piece is designed for an intimate space with white walls, like a gallery or studio. It is lit by three free-standing lights, which I operate during the performance. Sound is run through a computer and speakers placed on a table in the performance space. The aesthetic of the piece is technically simple and driven by a sense of efficiency and transparency.

Choreography/Design/Performance: Dorian Nuskind-Oder
Artistic Advisors: Simon Grenier-Poirier, Lauren Semeschuk


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